Set the Holiday Table with Nuria Val

We asked Nuria Val to share how she will be setting her holiday table this festive season.

During the holiday season, there's nothing more heartwarming than coming together with loved ones, breaking bread and sharing quality time. It's also the perfect opportunity to unleash your creative side in crafting a warm and thoughtful table setting. This not only makes your treasured guests feel welcome and cherished but also sets the ambiance for cozy, festive gatherings.

We invited three creative individuals from around the world to share their unique approaches to setting their holiday table, sharing insights on how they incorporate cultural and personal elements from their heritage and lives into this year's festivities.


Nuria Val, Photographer and Creative Director of Rowse Beauty
Barcelona, Spain, @frecklesnur 


Nuria on her holiday table:
Hosting is an absolute delight for me; it allows me to have a great time while unleashing my creativity. I wanted to create a cosy dinner table that makes my guests feel at home. The Dito Candle Holder brings a sense of fun and colour to the table and I used the Stala and Pure Candles to create the perfect, intimate lighting. Candles and flowers hold a special place in my heart as they introduce natural elements that effortlessly infuse charm and refresh the entire atmosphere. Without them, I find the table setting incomplete. I then added the Cairn Cutting Boards and Grinders – the richness and tactility of wood always makes me feel at home.

What makes this time of year special to you?
Since I travel a lot during the year, time spent surrounded by family is what I value the most. For me, family tradition is what bonds us together; I have a big, beautiful family and we always rent a house in nature and get together for Christmas Eve. It’s a time when we get to enjoy good food and each other’s company.


How would you describe your table setting?
I find beauty in simplicity and have a deep appreciation for versatile, personality-rich pieces. For an autumn-winter table, my favourite colours are beige, green and terracotta. The Damo Glass Centrepiece is definitely the star, I love the beautiful, organic shape.

What food are you serving?
I chose to prepare a hearty pumpkin-coconut soup, which is high on my list of fall and winter favourites – it’s a seriously flavour-packed comfort dish. I also wanted to return to the essentials, bringing elements such as sourdough bread and artisanal cheese. The result was a healthy and nutritious meal made with organic ingredients grown with respect for the environment and crafted by passionate artisans.

I also made a green and berry salad seasoned with Oli de L'Oliveta, an extra virgin olive oil made from organic and ecologically grown olives country house. The olives are harvested by friends and family, who crowd into the casita for a four-day picking spree.

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