Holiday Wreath Guide

How to create your own wreath this holiday season using the Deco Frame Ring

As the holiday season approaches, beautifully adorned doors and windows captivate our spirits. A holiday wreath welcomes visitors with festive cheer and symbolises our communal spirit and the joyous embrace of the holiday season. This year, we invite you to weave your own tale of holiday charm using the Deco Frame Ring, a versatile geometric brass circle that is designed for you to explore your creativity.

We enlisted the expert help of Copenhagen-based florist Anne-Mette Trolle to help us create two beautiful holiday wreaths with different expressions. Follow along in our step-by-step guide or incorporate your favourite pieces of greenery to create your own unique masterpiece.





Artsy and Whimsical Wreath

For this wreath, we used:

Red Amaranth – Make sure to remove all the leaves, as they become dull and wilted.

Mimosa – For a hint of spruce without actually being it.

Multiflora Rosehip – The red berries bring a sense of almost circus-like fun and whimsy.

Apples – The tiny apples give a nod to Christmas, symbolizing abundance and the preservation of harvest.

Eucalyptus with berries – Gives a poetic expression and a sense of movement, as the leaves move with the slightest breath of wind.

Small cabbage heads – References Christmas and brings a sense of calm to the shape of the wreath.


"For this wreath, I chose to work intuitively based on the chosen materials. Texture and shape were the overarching buzzwords, and I focused on a warm colourway, incorporating red, burgundy and blue-green hues."
Anne-Mette Trolle


Calm and Beautiful Wreath

For this wreath, we used:

Houseleeks – Choose an array of sizes.

Date Vines – Feel free to use the entire vine, as the stems are beautiful, or cut into the vine for a smaller piece.

Umbel – Should be firm and dry.

Blue Spruce – Blue spruce almost always has a beautiful sway in its shape, use it and capture the direction in which you think it looks best.

Juniper – Juniper smells fantastic and is great for decorations and wreaths since it doesn’t shed.

Mimosa – For a hint of spruce without actually being it.

Thuja – The shape of these branches bears a resemblance to chicken feet and provide life and movement.


"To create a more classic wreath, I went in a more traditional direction. I utilised materials that one usually associates with Christmas: fir of various types and colours, houseleeks, mimosa and date vines while incorporating cooler tones in green and blue.”
Anne-Mette Trolle


In addition to your chosen plant material, you will need:

ferm LIVING Deco Frame Ring. We used the Small size, but you can also opt for a grander wreath by using the Large size.

Brass wire (Steel wire can also be used, but brass seamlessly blends with the Deco Frame Ring).

Garden shears


How To Make Your Wreath: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Choose and prepare the materials that you want to use for your wreath.

2. Secure brass wire around your Deco Frame Ring, ensuring it’s secured with a knot.

3. From here, start by taking 2-3 pieces of your material and securing them with brass wire. Make sure to tighten just enough so that they stay in place without damaging the stalks.

4. Continue building up the wreath by adding more pieces of greenery, securing it with the brass wire. Remember to alternate between sizes of what you are attaching, so that you create a sense of rhythm and movement.

5. For the houseleeks, insert a piece of brass wire into the middle and twist the ends around each other and finally around the Deco Frame Ring.

6. The wreath is complete when you feel it is! Allow a piece of the Deco Frame Ring to remain bare, perhaps one-fourth, as it provides an element of calm and shows off the beauty of the brass Deco Frame Ring.

7. Use the ribbon which is included with the Deco Frame Ring to secure the wreath to your chosen location. It’s up to you if you’d like to tie it into a bow or as a simple hanging.

8. Hang your wreath on a door, wall or window.


Et voilà! Enjoy your beautiful, personal wreath throughout the holiday season.


Meet Anne-Mette Trolle
A graduate from the Danish Design School, Anne-Mette intertwined her love for fashion with floral design in 1996. Her search for a unique floral universe led her to opening Blooming 
in Copenhagen, which today has four different locations in and around Copenhagen.