Take Care of Your Interior

Extend the lifetime of your interior pieces by giving them the care they need - we'll show you how.

The beloved interior pieces that you have collected throughout the seasons of your life are not mere things – they are carefully selected treasures that contribute to making your space feel uniquely and comfortably you.

Providing these items with the proper care and maintenance will aid in preserving both their appearance and functionality, extending their longevity and ensuring that they will last for years to come. This will even help you to live a more sustainable and mindful lifestyle, as you will be able to keep your pieces for longer.

Beginning the journey of nurturing your interior pieces with the ideal care and maintenance may feel daunting, as each material requires different types of care. So let us help you on your journey with these tips and tricks on how to best care for the different materials you will likely have in your home

General Care

  • Always follow any care instructions included with the specific product.
  • Products made from natural materials will have unique colour/surface variations.
  • Always use mild cleaning agents - never use harsh, chemical cleaning products.
  • To preserve the colour of the materials, avoid direct sunlight whenever possible.
  • Never place products close to heat sources.
  • Always protect surfaces against direct heat, humidity and strongly coloured items.
  • Unless items are explicitly approved for outdoor use, they are meant for indoor use and should never be used outdoors.