Small-scale Creativity

Be inspired to get creative with your kids with our Miniature Funkis House by building small-scale, one-of-a-kind furniture ideal for your little one's favourite dolls or teddies.


With our Miniature Funkis House, you are presented with the opportunity to create a personalised doll's house filled with bespoke furniture that your little one can cherish for years to come. Be inspired by how Saskia Krause (the owner of the Instagram account @fine.blossom__) has custom-made the furniture and details of her Miniature Funkis House, thereby creating a modern interpretation of the classic doll's house.

Our Miniature Funkis House is a favourite for children and adults alike with its modern aesthetic and readable design. Beautifully crafted from plywood, the two levels of living space are just waiting to be furnished and inhabited by your little one's favourite dolls or teddies. Influencer Saskia Krause has crafted her own furniture and various home accessories for her little one's Miniature Funkis House - creating the ideal setting for hours of imaginative, playful fun.

When looking for the perfect Christmas present for her daughter, Saskia decided to purchase the Miniature Funkis House, which she had been considering for a while. However, finding furniture that suited the style of the house proved to be a challenging task: "After the house arrived, we started looking for furniture but didn't find anything that convinced us". Avid DIY'ers, Saskia and her husband quickly decided that the best option would be to build their own furniture for the house, ensuring that they could stay in line with its contemporary expression: "I was fascinated by the possibility of redecorating an entire house and even designing the furniture myself. My creativity was definitely sparked!".


“I was fascinated by the possibility of redecorating an entire house and even designing the furniture myself. My creativity was definitely sparked!”


At the beginning of the process, Saskia organised her ideas with drawings and printouts. Before long, an entire Miniature Funkis House mood board materialised: "Our sources of inspiration came from Pinterest, and our current furnishings, which we thought should also be reflected in the doll's house – it should become a kind of miniature version of our own home." After creating templates for the furniture and home accessories, her husband started the process of building each item.

The couple worked on the Miniature Funkis House in the evenings when their daughter was asleep and spent a few weekends on it: "On the weekends, our daughter often joined us at the table where dad would glue furniture together or sew tiny blankets and cushions. But we kept it a secret that it was for her future dollhouse. However, our daughter was always curious and would have loved to help with everything". Building the furniture, the couple used everything from shish kebab skewers to left-over linen and paper clips; anything that would make the miniature designs look as true-to-life as possible: "We had a lot of the materials lying around at home. And if we were missing small pieces, we went looking at the regional craft shops, DIY shops, or the Internet". After five months of work, the Miniature Funkis House was finally complete: "Our daughter's joy after unpacking the Funkis house was incredible. She inspected all the details with gleeful eyes and immediately started to play. Of all her toys, the Miniature Funkis House is still in use every day. It gives us immense pleasure to experience that our work was worthwhile".

Even though Christmas has come and gone, the Miniature Funkis House is still a work in progress. Recently, the house was made ready for summer when a swimming pool was installed: "The pool is already filled with water created out of dyed wool, and the diving tower is ready for the little mice to jump in headfirst". Saskia is certain that the Miniature Funkis House will continue to grow, acting as a fun and creative activity for her entire family to share for years to come.