The Art of Home

Add some artistic touches to your space with these whimsical, creative designs.

Like an ever-evolving, imperfectly perfect piece of art, a home evolves and emerges over time. Storing an infinite number of personal memories and emotions, the home eventually develops a soul of its own. For the creator, the artist and inhabitant, inviting someone into it is like sharing a vulnerable piece of themselves that is still in progress.



For the artist, the essence of home centres around creativity, talent and intuition. In the creative space, colourful walls guard secret stories and display thoughtfully crafted pieces of art, while droplets of paint leave tracks on wooden floorboards, mapping countless journeys from inspiration to finished creation.

Whether your creative propensity unfolds on canvas, in sketchbooks or simply in the art of creating a sanctuary you can call home, stepping over the threshold of your front door should be like putting on a warm, comforting coat. Embodying a safe, secure space, your home should present a haven where you can be the most authentic, true version of yourself, free from the expectations and obligations of the outside world.

Creating a warm, inviting space requires careful attention in the mixing of uniquely personal curio, everyday items and beloved heirlooms. In the artist’s home, perfectly imperfect details are embraced, leading the way for creativity to grow and prosper, for life to happen and unforgettable memories to be made. These are some of our most artistic designs that will help to add an unexpected, whimsical touch to your space.



Use the Miru Glass Montre to store and display your cherished books, vases, or small beloved pieces of art. These decorative and stackable oak-framed boxes recall memories of exploring fanciful exhibitions, sparking curiosity and adding a whimsical touch to your space.

Invite an organic expression into your living room by introducing soft curves and volumes. The timeless and soft Rico Lounge Chair will draw you into its motherly embrace, defining the feeling of home. Let the embracing, beanbag-inspired Catena Sofa act as a generously dimensioned centre piece, providing a relaxed and cosy expression. Use multiple Post Coffee Tables in both Small and Large to create a cohesive landscape in two levels. Playing with volumes, the decorative tables feature intricate, alluring details that are complimented by three robust, cylindrical legs and unique oak veneer panelling.



Let the gentle and diffused light of the boldly shaped Hebe Lamps fuel long evenings filled with new inspiration and discoveries. Updating the classic lamp with an artistic touch, the ceramic bases have initially been sculpted by hand, giving each one a fluid, feminine silhouette inspired by nature, while the elegant lampshades provide each lamp with a grand, classic expression to light up your home and the countless memories each room holds. Place the lamp in a windowsill or contrast the feminine silhouette by placing it on the robust and severe UTA Piece. Inspired by brutalism, UTA has an unexpected and intriguing form comprised of simple geometric shapes crafted from solid pinewood. The warm and natural expression of the honest material alluringly befits that of the artistic passion.



Or perhaps you would prefer the soft, comfortable light of the Dou Floor Lamp to escape in small glimpses of illumination through the braided rattan shade. Much like the mindset of an artist, the oversized lamp celebrates the beauty of contrasts by uniting geometric shapes with organic, textural materials, adding warmth and tactility to any space.

Bringing home and creating wild and wonderful bouquets from wildflowers found in nature, the artist can appreciate the enchanting beauty of the unexpected. As the sweet scents of the spring season fills your home, doors creak and slam as a breeze of energizing air flows throughout the house, bringing new inspiration.



Most importantly, an artist’s way of seeing, expressing and communicating isn’t always the same as everyone else’s. For some, their home is their life’s masterpiece, capturing a moment that underscores the personal, raw and unfinished notion that embodies that comfortable, authentic feeling of belonging. It is up to you when your home, your personal piece of art, is done.