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We work with certifications and testing to ensure working conditions in our supply chain are safe and fair and that our products are responsibly produced and of high quality.

Where relevant, products are tested before they become part of our collection. This includes lighting, furniture, outdoor pieces, and kitchen and kids’ products. In order to adhere to REACH regulations, accredited testing agencies, such as The Danish Technological Institute, conduct tests on our products through processes defined by law.

In collaboration with Danish company, Målbar, we are using their Climate Screening Tool to measure the CO2 footprint of our products. We are currently onboarding six of our key suppliers to measure our climate impact from raw materials to arrival of final products at our warehouse. Through this process, we will gain knowledge and data for our future targets.

We currently work with the following certifications:


Packaging - ferm LIVING


GOTS – The Global Organic Textile Standard. Recognised as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. It defines high-level environmental and social criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain.

OCS – The Organic Content Standard. Verifies the presence and amount of organic material in a final product, tracking the flow of a raw material from its source to the final product.


Packaging - ferm LIVING


FSC™ – The Forest Stewardship Council™ An international, non-profit labelling scheme for wood and paper. In FSC™ forestry, no more wood is felled than the forest can naturally reproduce. At the same time, FSC™ is a guarantee that people who work within the entire supply chain are treated legally and ethically, and that animals and plant life are protected.

Look for our FSC™ Certified products on our website.


Packaging - ferm LIVING


Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Established in 1989, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an effective tool to help consumers choose the most responsible and sustainable options. To obtain the label, a product must live up to a series of strict requirements relating to how environmentally friendly and sustainable the product is throughout all relevant phases of the product’s life cycle, as well as the ingredients the product contains.

BSCI - Business Social Compliance Initiative. An industry-driven initiative by AMFORI, which aims to monitor and assess workplace standards across global supply chains. An AMFORI BSCI audit helps us to ensure that all our key suppliers treat their workers legally and ethically.



Our Code of Conduct is based on the Ten Guiding Principles of the UN Global Compact. It defines the ethical principles of our business and has been signed by all our partners and suppliers.

The purpose of the principles set out in our Code of Conduct is to protect workers’ health, ensure their safety during production, and ensure an ethical and fair partnership for everybody.


*Our Code of Conduct is available on fermliving.co.uk