End-of-life Impact - ferm LIVING

Our environmental policy revolves around three key 2030 Commitments: To achieve complete transparency for all products. To attain third-party certifications for all products whenever possible. To strive towards achieving CO₂e neutrality.

Committed to minimising environmental impact and promoting circular practices in responsible production processes, we en­courage transparency and traceability, while certifications and testing ensure the safety and fairness of working conditions in our supply chain, as well as the responsible production and high quality of our products.

We use Målbar’s Climate Screening Tool to measure the CO₂e footprint of our products. This is based on the EU’s method for calculating a product’s environmental footprint (PEF). A CO2e footprint refers to the total amount of CO2e that is produced throughout a product's lifetime. Some of the most impactful CO2 emission drivers behind our products are the use of materials, production processes, packaging and transport.

In 2023, we onboarded the majority of our key suppliers, con­ducting climate screenings for around 200 products to lower emissions. In spring 2024, we will assess our company’s full im­pact (scopes 1, 2 and 3) to set our reduction targets for the com­ing years and set goals for strategic ’in-settings’ dialogues with suppliers by summer 2024.

To enhance environmental awareness, we share product climate footprints in professional projects. We use software calculators to optimise container space, minimising transport environmen­tal impact and costs. Our focus on sustainability extends to pack­aging too, promoting recyclability and circularity while also uti­lising lower-impact, certified materials.

Expanding product lifespan is crucial and we encourage recy­cling and upcycling. In 2024, our website aims for CO₂ neutrality, compensating for emissions through certification. We provide care guides for products, support customers with spare parts and emphasise the use of recycled materials to reduce reliance on vir­gin resources.


We’re proud to be a CO₂ Neutral Website

As part of our ongoing Responsibility journey, our site is now CO₂ Neutral across all our domains. This certification ensures the CO₂ emissions released through the operation of our website are offset through various long-term climate projects. As opposed to using a one-size-fits all solution, certificates are tailored to each site’s individual emissions, taking into account the servers, data traffic and site visitors. To view the valid certificate, click the logo below.