Packaging - ferm LIVING

The packaging of our products, including gift boxes, hang tags and tote bags, is a major contributor to our environmental footprint, ranking among the top four emission drivers. Prioritising sustainability in our packaging solutions is essential to significantly reduce the overall environmental impact of our products.

Underpinning our dedication to sustainability, we are actively converting all our gift boxes to FSC™-certified cardboard, print­ed with environmentally friendly black soy-based ink. Present­ly, we have achieved approximately 90% FSC compliance. In a noteworthy accomplishment for 2022, our primary packaging supplier in India received FSC certification. Our hang tags carry FSC certification and our tote bags are crafted from sustainably produced textiles, designed for repeated use.

In our commitment to eco-friendly practices, the majority of packaging used for product protection during shipping com­prises natural-based materials such as cardboard, paper pulp and craft paper. Smaller items and textiles are packaged in recycla­ble plastic and textile bags, promoting circular consumption and reducing production waste. Some furniture pieces require more extensive packaging, such as hard boxes, to protect them during transportation. This form of packaging has a significant impact on our overall CO2e footprint. In the future, we aim to focus more on lower impact alternatives in close cooperation with our suppliers. 

Recognising the need for product safety during transportation, some items are currently packaged with Styrofoam. In 2020, around 10% of our products utilised Styrofoam for packaging. By the end of 2021, we successfully lowered this to 5%. Although our goal for 2022 was a further reduction to 3%, we experienced a slight increase, reaching 4.5%. However, in 2023, we achieved our target of 3% and intend to maintain this level in 2024. Collab­orating with our packaging suppliers, we are actively exploring alternative, more sustainable methods and are closely monitoring developments in this area.


Extended Producer Responsibility

In step with the ongoing European Union initiative to minimise waste, we actively engage with both European and national reg­ulations regarding producer responsibility for packaging. This involves registering, reporting and assuming financial responsi­bility in the required countries. Additionally, we are refining our packaging labelling to align with the specified requirements.