Modular Seating: The Dase Sofa

Rooted in the pursuit of simplicity and versatility, the Dase Sofa provides a seating solution that balances practicality with a warm, elevated aesthetic.

A nod to the blissful state of dozing off, 'Dase' encapsulates the essence of relaxation and comfort that the sofa aims to provide, resulting in a playful twist that hints at the sofa's perfect balance of functionality and comfort.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless essence of family dynamics, the Dase Sofa is designed to take centre stage in any space. Built to comfortably accommodate up to two people on a single module, its generous proportions are ideal for gatherings and quality time with the family, making it the ultimate addition to any home seeking both visual appeal and versatility.

Elevated from the floor, Dase’s shape creates a visual interplay of sharp and soft forms, balancing precise squares and rectangular shapes with softly curved edges. Forming an alluring contrast, these forms come together to imbue each module with a sense of lightness and intrigue. A simple yet elegant touch is present in the sofa’s pared-back design, effortlessly complementing its contemporary silhouette.

As part of our Made to Order program, the Dase Sofa offers endless customisation opportunities to suit individual preferences. Choose from a spectrum of alternative fabric options, including Soft Bouclé and Rich Velvet, adding an elevated touch to the sofa’s inherently effortless design.



Each detail—from the choice of fabric to the sofa's shape—was carefully considered with functionality in mind. Crafted as a modular seating solution, the Dase Sofa embodies adaptability, providing a myriad of options for configuration. The ability to rearrange the components provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing the sofa to evolve along with your living space and lifestyle. Whether hosting a large gathering or seeking a solitary sanctuary, Dase’s modular design enables you to accommodate life's ever-changing rhythms. 

A responsible approach to craftsmanship is a cornerstone of the sofa’s design philosophy, and it features a wooden structure made entirely from FSC™ certified materials. Whether used for cosy relaxation with loved ones, displayed on its own as a statement piece, or blended harmoniously with surrounding furnishings, the Dase Sofa proves to be a versatile, sophisticated staple in a variety of settings.

Discover the Dase Sofa series here

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