Plant Box Guides

How to Plant your Plant Box Garden

Not only does greenery look great in our homes, it makes us feel better, too. Our Plant Boxes are a great way to bring plants into your home and outside spaces. It’s all about finding combinations of plants that work well with each other and the space they’re inhabiting – whether it be a bright windowsill, a damp bathroom or a sun-drenched balcony.

We’ve made a guide with some suggestions as to how to furnish the different models of the Plant Box with some of our favourite flora. With the right amount of love and care, they will reward you with beautiful colours, scents and in some cases, edible treats.


Growing vegetables isn’t just for those with large outdoor spaces! Many species are easily grown in a pot on your balcony or in a light-filled kitchen. With the Plant Box Two-Tier, you have room to plant a selection of edible greenery, as well as some extra space below to store your planting tools or kitchen utensils. We love a mixture of berries, Curly and Tuscan Kale as well as herbs like Oregano and Rosemary, which taste great on the dinnerplate and are deliciously fragrant. Plant them as seeds, or take a shortcut by purchasing them as small plants at the garden centre so that you can enjoy them straight away.

We’ve all been there: excitement about the wildflower bouquet we’ve brought home from a day out in the forest quickly turns into disappointment as the flowers turn limp and withered – often only within minutes of being separated from the comfort of the soil. Why not just grow them yourself from the comfort of your own home? A great alternative to turning your backyard into a meadow is to use the Plant Box Large. With its low and deep dimensions, this Plant Box has ample room for wildflowers to put roots down, and will bring the wonderful, free feeling of the forest into your home.

The Plant Box Small is the little brother of the Plant Box family, and its modest dimensions means that it can fit into small spaces, like narrow windowsills or a slim shelf. Owing to the textured patterns on its leaves, the Fittonia is better known as the Mosaic Plant, and comes in an array of striking colours that range from purple to pink. Fittonia is native to the tropical rainforests of South America, and therefore flourishes in high humidity and away from direct sunlight, making it ideal for a space like the bathroom.

Almost impossible to kill and easy to love – succulents are the ultimate go-to plants if your thumbs aren’t the greenest. The original Plant Box has ample room for your favourite cacti, which thrive in the desert, so make sure that they receive plenty of natural light and minimal moisture. Cacti grow during the summer months, during which they like to be watered weekly. They then go into a rest period during the winter, and you can reduce the watering significantly to once every other month. Make sure to keep cacti away from little fingers and paws, as their spikes are difficult and painful to remove.


Not only does greenery look great in our homes, it makes us feel better, too. Our Plant Boxes are a great way to bring plants into your home and outside spaces.


Match the organic shape of the Plant Box Round to the wildness of the lovely Asparagus Fern. With minimal care required, the Asparagus Fern is a low-maintenance plant that thrives in both natural light and the darker corners of your home. It likes to be watered, but if you happen to forget, it can easily handle a dry period. Do be aware that, contrary to its name, the Asaparagus Fern isn’t an edible plant, and can even be toxic for cats and dogs to ingest – so make sure to keep your furry friends from snacking on any low-hanging leaves.


Although the Wall Box is named after its ability to be mounted on the wall, it works just as well as a floor pot. Use it as a home for the popular Fiddle Leaf Fig, which has become quite the classic in the realm of houseplants in recent years. The reason why isn’t hard to understand, for though a full-grown Fiddle Fig can take up ample space in the home, its broad leaves and expansive greenery lends a lavish, jungle-like vibe to any room. Fiddle Figs love sunlight, but can even flourish in a corner if they receive enough indirect sunlight. In a position where the plant receives full-on sun exposure, make sure to moisten and dust off the Fiddle Fig’s leaves regularly to keep it looking sharp, as well as turn the plant at even intervals to make sure it grows evenly, as the leaves will always reach for the light.