Decorative interior design and storage with plant boxes

Many of us have been captivated by the green plant trend, and therefore plenty of homes are now brimming with green plants of different species and sizes. When plants are used in home décor, they provide a wonderful atmosphere – whether they are on the floor, displayed in racks and on stands, placed on the windowsill or hanging on the wall. At ferm LIVING you’ll find unique and decorative plant boxes for any home. Our plant boxes can be used for storage or as room dividers in large rooms. They also come in multiple colours and feature timeless designs, which makes them suitable for decoration throughout the home. The ferm LIVING Plant Box can be used not only to hold plants and flowers, but also to hold books, magazines, bric-a-brac and small objects.

Create life in your home with plant boxes, plant stands and plant hangers

Plants create life in your home, and they can also be very decorative, both indoors and outdoors. But you don’t need a large home to find space for the popular ferm LIVING Plant Boxes, since we provide large and small plant boxes, plant stands and plant hangers. They are suitable for rooms of all sizes, as well as for terraces or balconies – whether you want to put your plants on windowsills, place them on the floor or hang them on the wall.

By arranging your plants in stands, hangers and plant boxes, you create aesthetic height differences in your décor, which can work well if you don’t have very many square metres available. You can also hang plants on your wall or from the ceiling for a rustic look, which also frees up more floor space.

Our Plant Boxes can also be used as a decorative storage solution. Fill them with your hats, gloves and scarves in your hallway, use them as bedside tables in your bedroom, use them as side/coffee tables with a convenient storage space in your living room, or use them as a way to keep order among your favourite fragrances in your bathroom.

Functional accessories series for the original ferm LIVING Plant Box

For the original ferm LIVING Plant Box you will find an aesthetic and functional accessories series with dividers, holders and plant pots in matching designs. These additions give our plant boxes even more functions to meet your needs. Choose from, among other things, dividers or holders that beautifully display your coffee table books, magazines and newspapers or create a lovely still life composed of candlesticks, vases and bowls.

You can also get a separate plant pot so that you don’t need to use the entire plant box to hold your green plants. This allows you to make room for a little more of everything in your house. With the accessories series, you can transform the plant boxes, in no time at all, into multifunctional pieces of furniture with several styling and storage options.

Create personality and atmosphere in the home with green plants

With ferm LIVING you’ll find plenty of inspiration to create personality and atmosphere in your home with green plants and plant boxes as decorative storage solutions. If you want to stay informed on the latest interior design trends and fashions, or if you would like guidance on how to decorate with plant boxes, you are more than welcome to contact us by phone on +45 7022 7523 or send an email to where we’ll make every effort to respond to your request as quickly as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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