ferm LIVING Classics

We explore our most brand-defining designs that put us on the map.

Embark on a journey with us through ferm LIVING’s most iconic creations, designs so distinctive that at just a glance, you know – it's unmistakably ferm LIVING.

These pieces are the embodiment of our philosophy, a harmonious blend of Scandinavian simplicity, thoughtful aesthetics and intuitive functionality. Join us as we delve into the stories behind these celebrated classics, revealing how they've captured hearts and transformed spaces worldwide.


Ripple Glassware Collection

The Ripple glassware collection, which today encapsulates an extensive range of products including wine glasses, champagne saucers, bowls, carafes and more, began with the quintessential set of four Ripple Glasses, and was ferm LIVING’s very first drinking glass design.

Showcasing a distinctive and instantly recognizable rippled surface, the collection began as a series of ceramic cups, which then inspired the much-loved glass collection that was to follow. While under development, the collection had a working title of 'Four Sisters,' reflecting the individuality yet familial unity within the set. Featuring geometric silhouettes, each piece in the Ripple collection is mouth-blown by skilled artisans. This process exemplifies traditional glassblowing artistry, ensuring that every item is unique, with no two pieces being exactly identical.

Explore the Ripple Glassware Collection here.



Pond Mirrors

The Pond Mirror collection, a testament to both function and form, marked the beginning of our venture into organic design, a language that now flows through many pieces in our collection.

The inspiration for the Pond collection comes from the serene beauty of forest ponds. Imagine a tranquil walk in the woods, where the still waters perfectly mirror the trees above – this is the essence captured in each mirror. More than just a functional piece, each Pond mirror is a decorative object that invites open and fluid forms into your home. The curved edges, held by a slim, metal frame, showcase a subtle elegance and versatility, allowing the mirror to be hung in any direction to find the perfect fit for your space. The Pond Series is more than just a mirror; it is a reflection of nature's calm and our commitment to bringing organic, elegant designs into everyday living spaces.

Explore the Pond Collection here.

Desert Lounge Chair

The Desert Lounge Chair, inspired by the simplicity and functionality of the classic outdoor camping chair, reimagines this concept through the lens of responsible design.

This modernist chair is crafted from a tubular, powder-coated steel frame, holding an interchangeable handwoven textile seat made entirely from recycled post-consumer plastic that has been spun into PET yarn. This innovative approach not only promotes the responsible use of materials but also creates a wool-like seat that is durable enough for outdoor use. While the Desert Lounge Chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, it also offers practical benefits, such as being lightweight and stackable for convenient storage.

Explore the Desert Collection here.



Apple Braided Storage

The Apple Braided Basket, designed to meet your practical storage needs in the kid’s room, combines functionality with a playful form.

Crafted from the natural material of braided rattan, it embodies an organic expression, bringing a touch of nature and whimsy into the space. It's perfect for housing teddies, blankets or toys, playfully creating more space in their universe while adding a cute, decorative element. Available in two sizes, the basket is also versioned as a lovely pair. The two baskets can be used on their own or together, where their varying heights create an intriguing, fruity landscape.

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Plant Boxes

Drawing inspiration from vintage Danish teak planter boxes from the 1960’s, as discovered by our Creative Director in her grandma's living room, the Plant Box has evolved from its original design into a modern staple.

Launched in 2015, during the burgeoning recognition of the benefits of indoor plants, it began as a singular, elegant design. Today, the collection has expanded to include various versions like the Two Tier, Large and Round Plant Boxes, catering to diverse styles and needs. Crafted from powder-coated steel and standing on delicately thin legs, the Plant Box is timeless and versatile. It's perfect for storing everything from plants and books to children’s toys, or even as a room divider to create small, peaceful ‘islands’ or cozy corners in larger spaces. Available in an array of colours, the evolving Plant Box series continues to offer stylish and functional solutions for modern living.

Explore the Plant Box Collection here.